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My name is Sue-Belinda Meehan and I have been teaching for more than 30 years and I still love it.  Helping someone learn something new is the most rewarding thing you’ll ever do and the most fun you’ll ever have! 

The Workshops, ‘Make and Take’ sessions and resources available through this website have been designed to help teachers, parents, teachers’ aides and ultimately the learners themselves find better pathways to knowledge and skills and find within themselves more positive attitudes to literacy, behaviour and other aspects of classroom life.

I have taught the full range of primary classes (aged 5 – 12 years) before becoming a primary Principal. I then worked for Education Queensland as a syllabus and curriculum writer before becoming a lecturer in teacher education at Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia.

Now, I have created Ask Sue-Belinda Pty Ltd, a company dedicated to providing high quality inservice and consultancy and to making  great, practical teaching and learning resources.

My years at Griffith gave this company its name – I would often overhear teacher education students discussing a problem or an issue that had come up during practice teaching rounds, they would ask how and where they would find the information they needed, then I’d hear, ‘We’ll ask Sue-Belinda!’  I hope you will too.

As a Mum to two, I want the best for our children in their educational experience – purposeful learning in enjoyable and meaningful ways.  As an experienced teacher, I know that teaching is a big job with many demands and responsibilities and finding quality resources is every teacher’s goal.  My materials therefore, have been written to respond to these needs – easy to use for teachers, practical, high quality and well informed, they will help each learner to learn new skills and knowledge in purposeful ways that they will enjoy. 

If you are looking for better ways to teach and learn, just Ask Sue-Belinda!

I hope you will find something here for you.  If you need something you can’t find, email me and let me know what it is.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Sue-Belinda Meehan
Dip. T. (K.G.C.A.E.), B.Ed. (UQ), M.Ed. (UQ)

Practical Publications

Little Learners Series

When I was teaching primary school I wanted to find publications that were theoretically sound but had practical advice that was ready to use.  It was the same when I was a principal and when I became a teacher educator at university, I tried to help my students find things to help them.  Sometimes I was successful in finding these elusive materials, but more often what I could not find I made myself. 

At University with my teacher preparation students, I shared materials I developed over a 30+ year career.

Now, I am very excited to bring these publications to you.   There are books and ideas for all: question shells to help you to ask questions to make your students think; spelling games to play with them that will assist them to become better spellers; books containing spelling definitions, rules and other resources and more.

New titles are coming out all the time so please check back with me or join my Mailing List.

The ‘Little Learners’ series present black line masters and support materials for teachers to use with their children in the Preparatory to Year 3 range.  There are Masters to make a personal library of alphabet books; number songs to learn and puppets to make to help you; nursery rhymes to read and write all ready to use.

As with the ‘Practical Publications’ series, new titles will be added in response to the needs of teachers. Check in and see what’s available or join my Mailing List so I can keep in touch.

This Site

Ask Sue-Belinda.com is dedicated to providing quality educational resources and experiences for all those wishing to help their children succeed.

Please email me to let me know what you are looking for and I may be able to help. I’ll look forward to hearing from you.

Ask Sue-Belinda Pty Ltd serves education in Queensland, Australia and Internationally.


  • ‘The ideas were spot on – practical, immediately useful and easy to implement.  Thankyou!’
    Jayne – Year 6 teacher
  • ‘My only disappointment was that the day passed so quickly.  How wonderful to work with someone who shared with us things that we could actually use.’
    Deidre – Years 8 – 12  English teacher
  • ‘I’ve had a great time thankyou.  I came hoping I’d get some ideas to use in my classroom and I’ve left with dozens.  Best of all I’m going to have fun using them and I know the children will enjoy it too.’
    Ron – Year 4 teacher
  • ‘The ‘Make and Take’ session was great.  I’ve got resources I’m going to be able to use for a long time and I’ve got a whole lot of ideas I can’t wait to try.  I’ll be signing up for others soon.  Thanks!’
    Claire – Year 1 teacher
  • ‘Sue-Belinda you must have taught for a thousand years to have developed all these ideas and resources.  Thanks for sharing them.  I came because I had to but I’ve had a great day and I’ll be back.’
    Trevor – Year 7 teacher
  • ‘I never knew what to do to help my children with their spelling before.  Now I feel confident to guide them to become better spellers.  I loved the games – we’ll be playing some tonight!’
    Kellie – parent to Lizzy (aged 9) and Tyler (aged 14)
  • ‘I never thought I’d say this but I’ve had fun!  Thanks for a brilliant day – I have learnt loads of new strategies and Sue-Belinda’s knowledge of how to hook learners into an experience is terrific.’
    Cal – Year 5 teacher
  • ‘I did not expect to find much for me – you were talking about spelling and I teach Science.  I was wrong.  I’m going back to teach them about the words I use all the time.  It’s not just spelling words, it’s a little lesson in each word which helps the learner understand the meaning of these words.  I hope you get to talk to more secondary teachers.’
    Brent – Year 8-12 Science teacher
  • ‘Two of our teachers came to your Workshop on Spelling and have been talking about it ever since.  They came back with new ideas to use, new approaches to assessment and gathering and using data, games to play and ways to involve parents in their children’s learning.  Maybe we should get you to go to every school!’
    Bob – Primary Principal
  • ‘I can’t wait until you’re back again.  The day passed so quickly and really useful information was at the heart of all you said.  I love the Spelling resources and can’t wait to use them.  My teaching was becoming boring – for me!  I hate to think how it was for my Year 3’s.  Now I’m heading to my class to put back the fun and excitement.  I can’t wait to use my new approach to evaluation too.  Thankyou – I really needed this!’
    Glenn – Year 3 teacher
  • ‘Our home was becoming a war zone – angry parents and angry children – raised voices and slamming doors.  Your workshop tonight has given me better ways to bring the balance back into our family with behaviour – ours and theirs.  I know children come without instructions but parents could do worse than to take an evening and spend it with you Sue-Belinda.  I have a new attitude, a new plan (or 2) and I’m ready to work with them to make it better for all of us.  Thankyou.’
    Wendy – Mum to Pete (16) and Angie (18)
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